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Almost 250 people are missing in Japan Earthquake

The earthquake came in Japan during the New Year, leaving a terrific image. Rescuers and villagers cut through the wreckage to recover the victims. Japan has now suppressed more than 100 deaths. If we see the country’s deadliest, we must say before the earthquake death has diminished. But during this earthquake police have announced that almost 200 individuals are still on the missing list. The massive and powerful 7.6 percent was an earthquake. It crashed Japan’s west coast destroyed facilities and left 23,000 residences in the Hokuriku region without power.

According to the Kyodo news agency, 16 more deaths are declared at 1 pm on Saturday in Wajima and Anamizu. Now the total number of deaths is 110. More than 500 people were injured in the tragedy with at least 27 of them critically injured. One of them was talking about how he was sitting and relaxing on New Year’s Day when the EQ happened. They were having fun with their family and relatives when suddenly buildings were falling.

Japan is the home of 4 world’s tectonic plates making it extremely vulnerable to earthquakes. Every year it’s come across the hundreds of shaking hands, the majority of which do little to no harm. The death number of casualties from last week’s earthquake is the largest after 2016 when 276 people were killed in quakes in Kumamoto, the region of Japan.

Relief Assistant Effort is still on going

Thousands of soldiers were flown and trucking the water and food to the needy people. Water, food, and medicine are served to more than 32000 people who had been relocating to the theater, school auditorium, and other facilities. However, roadblocks and other issues prevent the delivery of humanitarian goods. They are doing their best to rescue many villagers. However, the truth is that the lineless not has been resolved. To the extent that we would like to help many needy people but the image is too terrifying. Many newspapers claim that many roads are blocked by more than 100 landslides in the area. While power is gradually being restored around the coast, water resources remain limited due to the destroyed crisis water system.

The day of New Year more than 200 people were Missing

According to the Kyodo news agency, Japan’s Self-Defense forces have increased the number of personnel participating in rescue and relief operations to 4600. Many individuals are believed to be trapped beneath crumbled homes, especially in the town of Suzu Wajima. The timber structures were not designed to survive the country’s quakes. Tens of thousands of people are still without water and electricity. And most are cut from the assistance due to floods and roadblocks.

Japanese Prime Minister declared that we are not going to give up while meeting with emergency response personnel’s. They told their government to hurry response and speed up the emergency measures on an urgent basis to repair major highways destroyed by the Earth Quake so the relief and rescue efforts may be expanded. The Japanese defense forces are planning to increase the amount of rescue workers by 400 and 5400 people citing traffic delays as one of the issues impended the delivery of relief supplies.

What Japan has learned from several Earth Quakes?

It has been 13 years since the awful earthquakes and typhoons prompted a nuclear plant accident in Fukushima and Nagasaki. The memories of Japan are still strong in that tough time. All of them have brought back into focus on upcoming earthquakes and Tsunami warnings began to sound. These warnings are not uncommon. Whoever is living there can face the terror that how tough is living in Japan. And always the worst was to come. When the first Tsunami came it took about 40 minutes and it ruined everything. Many people died many survived. Mostly residency is destroyed it’s hard to eat and sleep in this situation and only those people can know it better. Towns and villages with hundred people were finished only in some countable minutes. Some following crises are on the way when the Japanese have come to know that the nuclear power plant is in danger. Melting down the of Fukushima had started. Many people like thousands of people are about to leave their homes and towns as well. Even Tokyo is not safe.

Terror and Fear of Death Every where

On Monday the fear and sorrow of 2011 have returned again. The number of causalities approaching more than 50 and is expected to grow further. Roads have collapsed and roads were demolished. Hundreds of structures have been fallen and people are trapping people beneath them. Massive Landslides are caused by Earthquakes. However the vast majority remain the same, life appeared to be returning to casual Wednesday in the big cities of Toyoama and Kanazawa. Many people hard to talk to their friends, and one of the people used to say that it is too tough to survive and have too much terror of death. Many people experience death very closely but they can’t move rather than their homes. Japan faces these types of many crises and they still remain strong. Apart from the whole destruction, the Earth Quake in Japan in New Year was a big damage.

Warping Up

In my opinion, as I am writing this article, it is not confirmed when the earthquake and tsunami are coming. But the earthquake of 7.6 in the New Year time was a big mess and it is unexpected as well. The aftershocks were also taking part in the destruction and worsened the condition. People are moving from their residency in terror. The government is also very concerned and asks for the rescue team to grow up and look after the needy and injured people. The photos of the quake are looked on many news channels and we see that people are sleeping in cars and trucks, Because of the damage to bridges and roads. The neighbor country is helping them and many are rescued.