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Celebrating the Pacman 30th Anniversary

Pacman is one of the most played games in the world. It has original name in Japan was “Puck Man” but the name was changed to distribute the game.  Video games have the main. Pacman has a generation of players, it has a fame and is still in the playing era. Like in mobiles, this game is interesting and still has a worth. An illusion to the classic video games, Google Doodle was designed for the Pacman 30th anniversary in 2010. The game was launched in the 1980s and it became the most popular game at that time.

The American owner of the game Bandai Namco has released and updated the game on Xbox and PSP 4. He updates the game in PSP 4 and Xbox in honor of its 30th anniversary. So, people are still enjoying these games.

Ancient Origin of Pacman

The yellow ball eats ghosts and then runs from them. So, it has a different effect on players. Toru Lwatani a young creator of arcade games, created the culture icon. And he was a visionary ahead of his time. He believes that when he first thought about the title, shops were overflowing with violent video games that needed alien killing. He continues by saying that only boys like depressing games, and he then sets out to disprove this by developing the game overall for newcomers like females and couples. This game environment was by pinball machines and men.

Pacman was the first video game to attract the ladies to play the Pacman box. Lwatani had no idea how he’d be remembered in video games. The game has a separate platform in which people can spend their time and can make their mind relax. At the start, the game has its pleasure and it spreads everywhere.

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Producing Pacman

The signature shape of Pacman was produced by the shape of a pizza. Lwatani summarises creating the shape of Pacman while staring at the pizza. The two slices of pizza were missing. Lwatani created the shape and named as pakkuman, the imaginary character which is named behind the Japanese expression. The expression name was paku paku taberu. The phrase is used when the mouth is quickly and widely opened. The inspiration for Pacman’s 30th anniversary is still relevant.

He used to say that when the people were crazily inspired by the alien killing games when he was deciding the name. During this time Lwatani was working in Namco and also engaged with the business in such a busy time. The signature action of Pacman is his mouth open and eating very quickly. Lwatani designs the game by eating ghosts and players must have to eat with speed and also be aware of ghosts. When the ghosts become blue by eating a large dot, then Pacman can eat them.

How game is played?

This is a very similar game to 1980’s games. Pacman is a video game. The game was played on the computer by joystick or the arrow of key. The game can also be played by the arrows of the keyboard with left, right, up, and down. The game aims to move Pacman all around the area and start eating the 240 dots. By moving the Pacman it needs complete input by the player, otherwise, it will be eaten by the ghosts. The victory of the game is to win the game in very little time and eat all the dots with high scores. The ghosts disappeared and scared as well. As we already discussed in this article how pacman can eat the ghost? You have to understand the strategy of ghosts because they doge you because the ghosts are 4 to 5 and Pacman is alone. They are using the dodging techniques.

Pacman has to understand the scheme. He has to eat bigger dots to calm down the ghosts. Many players claim that this is not good for Pacman and that he is alone with several ghosts.

Ghosts names

The names of ghosts are very interesting.

  • The red name is Blinky. He is also the leader of ghosts. While eating the dots quickly, the blinky gains its speed.
  • Pinky is the name of pink. She goes around the policeman but not stalking him. But it sneaks and comes from the other wall and eats him.
  • The Inky is the name of the Blue Ghost; it is the most dangerous of all the ghosts because he uses the unbelievable technique of at least every ghost. He may be a very dangerous ghost.
  • Clyde is the name of Orange Ghost he abruptly dodges the Pacman, he suddenly changes his side, and comes in the front to eat Pacman. He always stays in the lower left corner of the maze.

Some Effects of Pacman

The 30th-anniversary edition of Pacman was made to recognize its impact and illustrate Pacman’s appeal as a traditional video game. The Pacman game is inspired by the video game powers that the title plays to apply strategic thinking. Because the flashback was a relatively new concept that had never been done before. We can also contribute to the popularity of this game.

The most important thing is that the players and influencers are inspired by the main character of Pacman and the style of enduring video games. William James Mitchelle also known as Billy Mitchelle plays the game and got the highest score of 3333360.


The Pacman 30th anniversary is nothing gain or upload anything new. Without any doubt, most of us have encountered this well-known game. Pacman’s anniversary is presently being celebrated. Learn how to play games on Google and celebrate Pacman’s 30th birthday. Start playing Pacman and giving every level your all in honor of the 30th anniversary.