What is unique in Ice cream Haircut?

Ice cream haircut is a large, goofy hairstyle with a rounded top and swoopy, flipped-out bangs. The latest haircut craze (and meme) to take across TikTok is to look like an ice cream scoop. We’ll cover all you need to know about the famous ice cream haircut in this post, along with instructions on how to recreate the look at home!

The look and distinct layers that give the style its name remind one of ice cream. It’s a modern twist on the traditional short back and side hairstyle. The upper portion is divided into layers and slightly. Certain hairstylists will also match certain accessories to your hair to get better effects.

The traditional Ice cream haircut is a fluffy hairstyle with rounded top and flipped edges upward and outward. As individuals generate fresh concepts, diverse ice cream haircuts are gaining traction. This year, ice cream hair is a popular hairstyle that suits people of all ages. It’s significant.

How does this hairstyle appear?

Undeniably, some individuals believe the ice cream hair to be the worst haircut they have ever seen, but its popularity has increased on TikTok. The ice cream haircut is becoming fairly popular among adults and children, and it’s even becoming a striking hairstyle for Halloween and gatherings. With their whimsical or unique patterns, ice cream hairstyles allow you to showcase your creativity and enthusiasm. Not only can an ice cream haircut make you feel good about yourself, but it may also make everyone around you happy and lively.

It seems like a famous haircut

The name of this significant, soft, slightly cartoonish haircut comes from the fact that it resembles an actual scoop of ice cream, with the edges flipping up and outward and the top of the hair being smooth and rounded. Young Caucasian lads often choose ice cream hair, but since most TikTok users don’t like the look, it’s turned into a viral meme since the end of 2022.

  • Ice cream hair is said to resemble Roblox’s “Shaggy” hairdo by many TikTokers.
  • On TikTok, the hashtag #icecreamhaircut has received over 46 million views as of right now. The most popular video shows two males with dramatic hair flips, followed by stock images of waffle cones and ice cream scoops atop heads.
Ice cream Haircut

Grow your hair as long as possible for a better haircut.

Your hair should grow to a minimum of 4 inches (10.2 cm) on both the top and sides or until the front reaches the bottoms of your eyes. Your hair will appear shorter when you flip it upward to achieve the ice cream haircut, so you’ll need a lot of length. Show your barber a picture of the desired look and instruct them to create layers to the front of your hair to eliminate extra weight. By layering your hair, you may keep the edges of your hair in place and make it more manageable, pliable, and light.

Pastel colors are here to stay as clients get more comfortable playing with color and feel more at ease working with it. Numerous celebrities have ice cream-colored hair, ranging from bold pinks and lilacs to mermaid hair with delicate tones or concealed areas known as peek-a-boo colors. It is perfect for clients who wish to express their individuality outside of work yet may have a traditional job during the day.

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Curly or wavy, it depends on choice

Both textured and straight hair can produce a flip appearance. You can embrace naturally curly or wavy hair for a more distinctive style.

Bangs’ length and thickness

 The length and thickness of your bangs can influence your entire look. Thicker bangs have bolder styles, while more petite ones produce a softer look.


You can use rollers, a round brush, a blow dryer, or a heat-styling product like a curling or straightening iron to create a flipped look.

Blow Dry your hair.

Attach a diffuser before you turn your hair drier on to medium heat. Using a circular brush, comb through your hair in small sections from the root to the middle, angling the dryer’s airflow from underneath the brush. When you reach the middle of your hair, bend your hair by flicking your wrist outward and upward. Concentrate the airflow on the curve to achieve the flipped ice cream hair effect.

Some key points you must know about them.

  • Until you have the desired shape, repeat this procedure two or three times on each section.
  • Use a heat protection mask and spray on your hair before drying to reduce frizz and shield it from heat damage.
  • Put on a baseball cap and blow-dry the ends protruding from it upward if you don’t have a round brush or can’t get your hair to bend ideally.


Aside from being a conversation starter due to its uniqueness, the ice cream hairstyle can also help you explore a more exciting side of yourself by stepping outside of your comfort zone and appeasing a more comprehensive range of aesthetic pursuits. The variety of ice cream flavors also encourages people to express their individuality and joy through participation in the creation process.