Mostly Asked Question about Ken Curtis: Did he have a twin Brother?

Ken Curtis was multi multi-talented person; he was a singer, actor, and director as well. He was American by nationality. He plays the best role as Festus Haggen for the long time of the television series, Gunsmoke. He did his best work in this show. Many people asked the question Did Ken Curtis have a twin brother? We will tell you all about Ken Curtis in this Article. We will discuss all the possibilities of Ken Curtis twin brother and even show you the nearest look at Ken Curtis.

Ken Curtis and his twin Brother

Ken Curtis was raised up in Lamer Colorado and was born in July 1916. He was the son of a rancher who had grown up in Las Animas, a nearby town. Curtis has a keen interest in music, and soon after completing high school, he switched to California. He moved to embark on his singing career and later on, he joined the singing group named “The Sons of Pioneers”. He has also a wonderful and very successful acting career, after singing he joined acting. He has also been shown in many American shows and television series as well. As we already discussed about his roles in acting he became famous for his well-known Festus Haggen which is a long long-running series show. He played the role from 1964 to 1975 almost for eleven years. Apart from his acting he also directed some episodes for his own show and also other television shows

The most asked question either the Ken Curtis has a twin brother or not. And this question was asked by his fans, co-actors, and singers fellows. But the answer is just diplomatic, that it has no such proper answer of any possibility of having a twin brother. But do not leave the article in between read it further for more information.

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Revealing the possibilities of twin brother

Well, there is a bit of conflict in this answer whether he has a twin brother or not. But there are some theories which came in front. Many people think that Ken has a twin brother but it is said that he was the stunt man. Maybe the man, who was doing a stunt and people think of him as a twin brother. Many people also believe that Ken has a twin brother who died in World War 2. Furthermore, there is no such proper evidence of a twin brother. This also may be a rumor, people believe that Curtis has a twin brother but he died in a car accident, but this is also considered as a rumor. 

Maybe Ken Curtis and his twin brother are only some rumor or some doubt of fans. But there is no such evidence of his twin and there is also no answer of Ken about this topic. Maybe there is a possibility in this answer, that Curtis has a cousin who looks like him but still no proper information is claimed by him. So, there is no answer or evidence of a twin brother. 

His Early Life

  • Curtis lived his first 10 years on the farm of Muddy River in eastern boulder county; he was raised as youngest son of three brothers in Lamar, Power County in southeast Texas.

  • His father was a sheriff in 1926; his name was San Sullivan Gates. The family was lived in Las Animas, the center of Bent County.

  • The effort was successful because the jail occupied the entire second second floor and his mother was the cooks for the prisoners. Gates later served as bent county sheriff form the 1926 to 1931.

  • The jail was situated in Bent county, court house in Las animas for the reson of historic preservation.

  • Curtis was leading quarterback for the Bent county high school football team and also played the woodwind in the school band.

  • He completed his studies in 1935. He was also the member of American army in World War 2 for 2 years.

  • He also joined the college to study medicine but left it and started his career in acting.

The series Gunsmoke

Curtis was famous for playing the Festus Heggan, Gunsmoke’s scruffy, cantankerous and uneducated deputy. Curtis is most remembered for playing Festus Haggen, Gunsmoke’s scruffy, cantankerous, and uneducated deputy. He rejoined the main Gunsmoke crew in 1964, replacing the original his replacement, Arthur Goode, portrayed by Dennis Weaver. While Sheriff Matt Dillon had five subordinates over two decades, Festus was the longest-serving (11 years) and appeared in 304 episodes. Festus was based on “Cedar Jack” (Frederick Munden), a figure from Curtis’ Las Animas boyhood.

Cedar Jack, who resided 15 miles south of town, made his money by sawing cedar posts for fences. Curtis saw Jack several times in Las Animas, where he frequently ended up drunk, and in Curtis’ dad’s jail. Festus’ character became known for his through-the-nose, twangy, rustic dialect, which Curtis created for the job but did not reflect Curtis’ true voice.


Ken Curtis and his twin brother this is the rumor that he has a twin brother. The rumor has no such evidence, but the theories are shown. As people were very interested and wanted to know about his twin brother then this is not any true image of the family. Ken had 3 brothers his father was the sheriff and his mother was the cook. In all this information there is no such valid news or information about the twin brother. Some people believe that his twin brother died in World War 2 but no evidence was proven. Some believe that his brother died in a car accident, these all are the remorse. Maybe he has a cousin and he resembles Curtis.