History of The World Part 1 Cast

Mel Brooks produced, wrote, and directed The History of the World Part 1 Cast, in 1981. Brook starred in this before directing and producing. He played many serious roles. King Louis VXI, Jacques, Le Garcan de Pisse, Tomas de Torquemada, and the stand-up philosopher appeared. The longer cast includes Andreas Voutsinas and Spike Milligan. Harvey Korman, Shecky Green, Gregory Hines (debut), Charlie Callas, Ron Carey, and Dom Leachman.

Andrew Sachs, Henny Youngman, Barry Levinson, Jackie Mason, Paul Mazursky, Nigel Hawthorne, Hugh Henfer, and others have appeared in cameos in The History of the World Part 1 Cast. Orson Welles recounts the entire tale.

Despite having Part 1, the sequel has no real plan.  Walter Raleigh named it The History of the World, Part 1, which was supposed to be published in numerous volumes but is only complete. Hulu announced the History of the World Part 2 limited series. This was promised on March 6, 2023.


The History of the World Part 1 Cast imitated epic, sword and sandal, and historical costume drama films. The Stone Age included four primary segments: the Roman Empire, the Spanish Inquisition, and the French Revolution. The Last Supper and 10 commandments are shown in other intermediary sketches.

Age of Tradition

Sid Cavmen and Caesar describe fire as an invention. In the first critique and funeral, they invented heterosexual and homosexual weapon marriages. In The History of the World, Part 1, they showed early musical attempts with humor. They made an orchestra of tears and melody by conquering each other.

Traditional proof

Moses came below Mount Sinai with three stone tablets and tried to implement God’s Law (Carl Reiner’s voice). Moses’ revelation stated that the law should be given to the people. One of the tablets is destroyed, and he “corrects” his manifestation from 15 to 10 rules.

Roman rule

Since Brooks was a stand-up philosopher who performed elegant comedy, he got the job at Caesar Ron’s palace. Brook’s agent reports this. Brooks fell for Mariam (Mary-Marget Humes), a Vestal virgin, and made Josephus, an Ethiopian slave, his companion.

While playing Enuch Guard, Comics, Josephus, and Swiftus seek centuries in Nypho’s palace. They use huge amounts of marijuana to confuse the pursuing military as they flee in a cart pulled by a miracle horse. Marcus Vindictus (Shecky Greene) goes on the hunt for them after Josephus’s arousal exposes them as fakes.

While Comicus waited for job tablets, they sailed to Judea. Many mistakes occur during Jesus’ farewell meal with his audience. Comicus’ contemporary name-calling repeatedly upset Jesus (John was hurt). Leonardo de Vinci sits everyone on one side of the table to color the group’s painting. As Jesus followed Comicus, the rising platter resembled a halo.

The Spanish Inquisition

The Spanish inquisitive part parodied Busbey Barkley, with extended singing and dancing by Brooks as Torquemada. The herald introduces Torquemada and plays on his moniker rather than please for the disastrous “You can’t Torquemada anything”—talk him out of anything despite a funny punishment that included auto-de fae. The acts include “water torture,” with nuns dancing underwater like Esther Williams and an iron maiden whirling. Ronny Graham and Jackie Mason briefly appear as Jewish torture victims.

The French Revolution

Madame Defarge (Cloris Leachman): A Paris hotel mob plots the French revolution. Count de Monet (Harvey Korman) and Beamaise (Andreas Voutsinas) told Mr. Louis (Brooks) and his counselors that the peasants disliked them.

When the King played the skeet with the villagers as objects, it seemed strange. King Louis offers Mademoiselle Rimbaud (Pamela Stephenson) sex in exchange for her father’s freedom from the Bastille after years of captivity. Copy Jacques (and Brooks) and hide in the bushes. De Monet persuades decoy King Louis to hold buckets for the nobility.

Rimbaud visits Jacques that night, thinking he’s Louis, to get his father released, but Jacques releases her father without a sexual requirement. They then returned from prison. King Jacques was hanged after a peasant broke into his apartment. She feels only a miracle can cure her father, Rimbaud says.

Josephus appeared suddenly as a miracle, and they rode to a mountain with the words THE END. Brooks narrated the humorous teaser of The History of the World Part 2 “coming soon” and featured scenes from “Hitler on Ice” and “Jews in Space.”.


Brooks used the 1979 incident to inspire his History of the World, Part 1 Cast. Brooks said the film’s name was decided after the truck driver shouted at him and asked him what his next big idea was. In response to critiques, he screamed Yes! I may write World History Part 1 immediately.

Richard Prior, who played Josephus, was hospitalized when the public incident burned him. Harvey Korman played “Count de Monet” instead of John Cleese due to personal issues. World Part 1’s history is difficult to film. Many of the characters performed well. Movies with the highest price among 190 genres.

Orson Welles was assigned to narrate his dialogue, but he finished in hours. The movie was filmed at Las Vegas’ Caesars Palace Hotel, where Comicus made his debut.

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The cast of History of the World Part 1

Here is a list of some key cast members and the roles they played in the film:

  • Mel Brooks: Moses, Comicus, and Torquemada
  • Dom DeLuise, Emperor Nero
  • Madeline Kahn, Empress Nympho
  • Harvey Korman, Count de Monet
  • Cloris Leachman, Madame Defarge
  • Ron Carey, Swiftus Lazarus
  • Gregory Hines, Josephus
  • Pamela Stephenson, Mademoiselle Rimbaud
  • Shecky Greene, Marcus Vindictus
  • Sid Caesar, Chief Caveman
  • Mary-Margaret Humes, Miriam
  • Orson Welles, Narrator (voice)

Although these are the major cast members, several actors play cameos and smaller roles throughout the film. “History of the World, Part 1” stars Mel Brooks, a comedy genius who portrayed several personas.


A famous character from The History of the World Part 1 Cast, returns to theaters after years. At 96, Mel Brook released History of the World, Part 2, his first writing work over decades. Many high-profile actors appear in these shows. Unfortunately, this humorous movie wasn’t as fun as History of the World Part 2. This style of film is too risky to fit on a short page. Napoleon went beyond “conquering everything” and had a bigger motivation than other celebrities.

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